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Our Office: +64 3 323 6150 

Repair and Service Manager: Darren Potts 

Phone: +64 3 375 9153


Account Manager- New Busniess:

James Van Der Kroon
Phone: +64 3 323 6150

Sales/ Inquiries: Ryan Berry

Phone: +64 3 375 9150


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GTech is an established world-class manufacturing engineering enterprise. Having been in operation for the past 25 years, we carry a wealth of experience in the following industries:  

- Meat Processing 

- Wastewater 

- Wool Scouring 

- Upstream Oil and Gas 

GTech is committed to lean manufacturing, ensuring process evolution and ultimate efficiency. Our ISO 9001 compliant quality system provides; accurate, traceable, and transparent reporting. 

New Zealand was the original GTech Office, established in 1989. GTech has now expanded to Australia and the United States. Still, a majority of the manufacturing is still completed in New Zealand for our US and Australian counterparts. All three offices work closely together to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment. 

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Our Address:

21 Empire Road 

Belfast, Christchurch 

New Zealand 8083 

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Engineering Manager: Anton Posthuma  

Phone: +64 3 323 6150


​Production Manager- Dominic Fronda
Phone: +64 3 323 6150​

Accounts Payable: Tina Wright
Phone: +64 (0)3 375 9155

General Manager- Will Colenso
Phone: +64 3 323 6150


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