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Control Panels

Control Panels

Designed to provide exacting control, ease of operating, and constant and consistent performance handling, GTech’s full range of control panels pair with its decanters and separators.

GTech control panels are equipped with a PLC real time controller of all VFDs and an HMI with touch screen. GTech also manufactures control panels for other OEMs.

Our strong relationships with suppliers and store of local parts, ensures fast and convenient support, and dependable, proven performance.

Employing local industry experts, we are a UL508 certified shop.

  • C1D1 with patented Heat Sync Technology that does not require purged air nor air conditioning. These panels can operate in 50°C temperatures. The design of this style of panel is built for rugged environments to keep out moisture and dust. Typical industries would be Oil and Gas and Refineries.
  • C1D2 panel utilizes air conditioning and purged air for cooling. Typical industries would be Oil and Gas and Refineries.
  • Unclassified panels are customized per customer specifications to suit a wide variety of OEM centrifuges.

Features and benefits include:

  • Short lead times
  • Fully customizable hardware and software
  • Trending analysis
  • Remote access for easy troubleshooting

Our Control Panel Range

Three Phase

The HMI illustrates the operational system that automates the Echo 3 phase decanter and controls the bowl speed, hydraulic back drive, feed pump, and the automated paring pump for light phase. The benefits include remote login, maintenance, service logs and operational trending.

Industry Applications

Edible and Inedible Oils and By-Products

Turning waste into valuable revenue streams.

Oil and Gas

Recovering and recycling high-quality oil.


Demonstrating environmental commitments.

Environmental and Waste Management

Cleaning water and handling waste.