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Add more, take less

Resources are scarce
– and increasingly valuable

In today’s environment, leading businesses are incorporating smart, sustainable processes to make the most of the resources they use, while conserving precious natural assets.

GTech solutions are purpose-designed for the circular economy. Our latest high-quality, industrial-grade separation machinery allows you to recover and reuse valuable resources, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

For over a quarter of a century, GTech has been leading the development of specialist machinery designed, tested and proven in the most exacting environments.

Echo-4 3 phase decanter

Industry-leading 3 phase separation
Echo-4 3 phase decanter

The Echo-4 is ideal for industries that demand hard-working separation technology that offers a high degree of quality and accuracy.

  • The Echo 3 phase product line is currently deployed in:
  • Brown grease recovery
  • Animal fat production
  • Fish oil production
  • Slop oil processing
  • DAF skim recovery

Turnkey Solutions

Echo-4 3 phase decanter
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The GTech skid is a highly customizable solution designed to allow easy integration of GTech 3 phase separators into your operation. This state of the art technology introduces new levels of mobility and efficiency.

Industry Applications

Edible and Inedible Oils and By-Products

Turning waste into valuable revenue streams.

Oil and Gas

Recovering and recycling high-quality oil.


Demonstrating environmental commitments.

Environmental and Waste Management

Cleaning water and handling waste.