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3 Phase Decanters

Echo 4 3 phase decanter

The Echo range of 3 phase centrifuges by GTech is a step-change for the industry. Locally made and supplied using our in-house engineering and manufacturing network, the Echo range has a short production lead time.

Built for reliability and efficiency, the GTech 3 phase decanter range provides proven performance and industry-leading safety features, combined with a low cost of ownership.

Offering new levels of control, speed and reliability, this series will transform the way you manage waste, recover valuable oils, and produce clean, clear water.

  • 3 phase control panel is designed to provide full variable functionality to the feed pump, main drive, back drive which includes the control of hydraulic power pack functions, and the fully variable paring pump for the light phase adjustment – allowing for optimized operations.
  • Proprietary control algorithms provide for a variety of operation modes, including automatic torque and main drive control to optimize and simplify field operations, monitoring of all case and guard open safety features, bearing vibrations and temperatures.
  • Designed and built to meet a range of exacting industry standards, the GTech 3 phase decanter range is ideal for recovering and recycling valuable resources for the edible and inedible oils and by-products, oil and gas and industrial sectors.

Our 3 phase decanter range offers industry-leading benefits. Compare our features to the competition:

  • Heavy duty
  • In house manufactured machines, and electrical control systems with in house designed software
  • Easily replaceable feed and discharge ports
  • Ease of dam plate adjustments
  • Comes standard with 50% carbide tiled conveyor for high wear resistance
  • Low wear paring pump

Our 3 Phase Decanter Range

3 Phase Decanters Cutaway Image

The waste product is fed into the decanter through a proprietary feed zone. This helps separation quality and with the use of tungsten carbide throughout the machine maintenance costs are reduced significantly. The light phase is pumped via a fully adjustable paring pump whilst the heavy phase is discharged by gravity. Solids are conveyed with a high-torque hydraulic drive system which helps maintain dry solids. Depending on the initial waste stream, the make-up of the ensuing three separate phases will drive the value opportunity.

Industry Applications

Edible and Inedible Oils and By-Products

Turning waste into valuable revenue streams.

Oil and Gas

Recovering and recycling high-quality oil.


Demonstrating environmental commitments.

Environmental and Waste Management

Cleaning water and handling waste.